Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tummy Time

For the past few nights after bath time, Matt and I have been giving Weston Tummy Time. Once he's changed and ready for bed, we put him on the floor on his stomach-- this is supposed to encourage him to arch his back, support his neck, and build the muscles he needs to sit up on his own. We have really enjoyed this time with him... luckily we were "rolling tape" last night to catch the first time he rolled over on his own! Of course I really want to believe that he meant to do it, when, in actuality, he probably just kind of fell over-- you decide.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Weston

A bunch of people have been requesting more Weston pictures... so here are some of the latest, enjoy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Wake a Sleeping Baby

While you shouldn't wake a sleeping baby, no one ever said anything about not video taping one!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just a few pictures of our winter wonderland!

Atlanta Blizzard 2010

Though we didn't have snow like D.C. had snow, but we still got a lot for Atlanta! Yesterday the kids were all hoping we'd get out of school early, but it didn't happen. The snow hit just late enough in the afternoon that we still dismissed on time if not 10 minutes early. Our principal announced that not only were the students supposed to leave and not hang around the school, so were the teachers and custodial staff. While we waited in the faculty lot for the teenage drivers to get a head start in the snow, we had a bit of a snowball fight. Good times had by all!

It was even still pretty this morning when I went outside to play in the snow.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I love....

jesus. sweet navel oranges. chocolate milk. dolly parton. laughing so hard it hurts. fortune cookies. weston's smiles. cherry pie. matt. twizzlers. cracker barrel chicken and dumplings. yahtzee. getting so wrapped up in a book series the world around me fades away. a hand written letter sent in the mail. the sound of matt's beating heart. warm pants out of the dryer. fresh socks. a good fart in the privacy of my own car. weston. creating. attentive students. leela. the smell of a wood burning fire. family. cracking my knuckles. getting into a freshly made bed. a pat on the back. football season. taco mac. singing in the shower. flipping through office supply catalogs. the smell of home depot. drew carrey on the price is right. finding the perfect gift for someone. citrus. craftsmanship. spooning. puppies. snow. matt's beard. gatlinburg stereotypes. sisters. softball. shell silverstein. tungsten. sarcasm. being wanted. camelbak water bottles. bejeweled. swaddle me blankets. comments on my blog. cruising. driving the ball long and straight. pretzels and m&ms. peyton manning. baking. walking around an art store, even if i have no intention of buying anything. the feel of plaster setting up. garlic. working on the train set. christmas music. a content baby. a job well done. skittles. diamonds. penguins. finding money in my winter coats. scratch off lotto tickets. llama llama red pajamas. sisters. chivalry. service men and women. the fair tax. liberty. my home. italian biscuits. traditions. stories. skee-ball. the who. board games. trivia. chocolate. pedicures. surprises. forgiveness. bravery. blankets. cuddles. bedtime. lending a hand. asics. bacon. feeding people. red meat. margaritas. teaching high school. soft hair. being frugal. our home. cilantro. the cosby show. playing poker with wooden nickles. american history. red wine. a good friend. vacuuming. baking. time alone. pez. matt. effort. sean connery. kick steps. back massages. having the right answer. giggles. charlie brown. old fashioned pop corn. granddad specials. house guests. hot shower. wax museums. tailgating. problem solving. a christmas stroy. a new haircut. costco. working with my hands. thoughtfulness. taking a good picture. soft toilett paper. blue eyes. nbc's community with joel mchale. homemade calzones.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't Worry, I'm fine.-- Weston

Don't worry, I'm fine. --Weston
This was what the card on the edible arrangement that Matt (I mean Weston) sent to me at work today. I smiled uncontrollably.

Today was my first day back and it went okay. My mother-in -law is staying with Weston while I go back to work for the duration of the school year, so I have some peace of mind going back to work. The transition back to work was relatively easy, I think the remainder of the week will tell. It's a matter of transitioning myself as well as the students back into "my" classroom-- reminding them of my standards and expectations for them.

Weston managed to handle today without me pretty well. He ate like a champ... hopefully this will be a trend and not a fluke. I think the more he is able to eat in a sitting will help him sleep through the night at longer spurts.

Anyway... so far so good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Boys' Smiles

While Weston was sitting on Matt's lap, the two were just so involved with each other, I had to grab the video camera!

Monday, February 1, 2010

For Mary and Amanda

When my friends, Mary and Amanda, visited Weston and me in the hospital, they gave him a pretty rad shirt.... so I thought I'd take some pictures of him in it today to say thanks!


A little too much excitement!