Thursday, June 18, 2009


I think Matt has cooked more meals on the grill than I have in the kitchen since we moved in. Granted, I still use the kitchen-- but Matt has been in grill with drawl for the last three years and has all this pent up grilling inside he's just GOT to get out. I'm not complaining.

The other night we made kabobs for dinner, yum. This is, by far, one of the easiest meals to prepare.Here are the fixin's... chopped pineapple, cubed onion (for Matt, not me), bell peppers (of the green and red persuasion), and, of course...STEAK, which I doused in olive oil and Worcestershire sauce.We each assembled our own, oh and we added some maple bacon we acquired from the butcher (yes, a real, live butcher in his own store... not the guy behind the butcher counter in the grocery store).I'm waiting for them to come back from the grill...and Matt is grilling!My mouth is salivating... fresh from the grillVoila! Dinner is served... with a side of mashed potatoes (not pictured). So we had a little bit from each food group: meat, veggies, fruit, starch, grain (we had toasted bread too), and I had a glass of milk for dinner.

ps. I love my new granite counter tops.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More than Mundane

To most, yesterday might have seemed a bit mundane, but to Matt and me, it was perfect!

Granted, Matt woke up at 6:20--unable to sleep, but after I was up... we ran a few errands. I had to take some lamps back to Tuesday Morning and Matt wanted to stop at Home Depot (how very "his and her shopping" of us!) to get an outside storage bin for our deck among other things. On our way home, we stopped at Publix, grabbed some sandwiches, and actually planned ahead for 2 meals!!

After some friends stopped by for a brief second, the grass was mowed, blinds were hung, bathroom ceiling was painted, pantry was reorganized, cookies were made, kitchen was cleaned, and laundry was put away. For dinner, Matt grilled some corn and BBQ chicken. I added some toasted bread, cherries and pineapple. This was our first meal at the kitchen table in our new home! (we have been eating dinner in front of the TV on trays, oh well)

I know it sounds like an ordinary, and to most- boring, day, but like I said earlier-- it was perfect. Waiting for the chicken to cook, Matt and I stood out on the deck, in the setting sun, looking at everything we have, and we are thankful.

God is good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

So Long, So New

I KNOW it's been a LONG time since I last blogged, but so much has been going on. I also know that means it's the perfect time to blog, but with all these things happening, I had to take them all in myself. So here's all the news...

I said goodbye to my work family of 3 years at Griffin Middle School last week at the end of post planning. I have been offered, and accepted, a position as the second art teacher at North Paulding High School-- Go Wolfpack!

Being at North Paulding will keep my commute short, since we just bought- and moved into- our first (and hopefully only) new house. I posted pictures earlier, so I know that's not really new news, but we have officially moved! Matt did a whole bunch of painting (I helped a little) and now we have a very saturated house. I even have my ORANGE room-- don't freak, it looks great! Matt even loves it!

Though one of the rooms won't be painted until August or September... when we find out the sex of our new baby! That's right, Matt and I are expecting. We are due Dec. 21, but I am convinced that baby will come on Christmas. My mom and sister will be in the delivery room with me-- and Matt will be anxiously waiting in the waiting room. He has every right to change his mind and come into the delivery room-- but he says he wants the doctors to focus on me and the baby-- and not on him passing out. No really, he WILL pass out. This is all completely okay with me (so please don't send me hate mail). Matt will be there up until the very last minute though.

Many people think that one event lead to the other(s), but actually I have been wanting, looking, and praying for a high school position for a very long time and whole I got to a bunch of interviews, none of them panned out. There was something bigger and better for me.

Matt and I had already started looking for houses once we got our lease renewal letter and decided that we didn't want to live in an apartment anymore. We weren't even really looking in the NPHS district-- we were just looking in Paulding County since houses are plentyful and priced right. We had made an offer on the house before I even interviewed at NPHS.

Of course the most surprising news came AFTER the house and AFTER the interview... the baby news. Needless to say, we were schocked and incredibly happy.

So there it is. Our incredibly new life (changes).

ps. my doctor said that I could help paint as long as we used laytex and kept the rooms well ventilated (which we did)