Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Fan... and Weston

We have finished installing the last ceiling fan!!! It's in the "orange" room-- Matt also installed a wall mounted control system!

And it seems as though I can't make a post without also posting a picture of our growing baby boy! Enjoy the ones below...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silver Comet Trail

Matt and I have been trying to get back into shape and lead a much healthier and active life. We want Weston to grow up in a family that stays active together, so why wait until he's old enough to participate... monkey see... monkey do.

So we bought a bike trailer, that conveniently folds up and hangs on the wall of the garage...

... and we got new bikes and have hung them on a pulley system so they hang from the ceiling of the garage. Lucky for us we have 12ft ceiling garage!

Put it all together, and you get one happy baby on the trail!

The Silver Comet Trail is a fully paved rail-trail built on abandon rail lines. It runs 61 miles from Smyrna, GA to the Alabama State line. It's free and is open to non-motorized means of transportation... including horses, though we've never seen horses on the trail (just the evidence). We live just a few miles from one of the trail heads so we headed out last Saturday to try out our new bikes and baby trailer. Weston was a champ! There's also a trail head in between Matt's work and our house, so last night Weston and I met Matt for an evening bike ride. We rode for 5.5 miles before taking a water break and turning around and riding another 5.5 miles back to our cars-- that's 11 miles Monday night! Yay for us... and thank heavens for the Silver Comet Trail. There aren't severe hills, in fact, since the trail is built over abandon train rails, there's never more than a 2% grade change. This makes biking for beginners much more managable.

This summer, Matt and I hope to take much longer rides this summer with a picnic in the middle! If you're in Atlanta and want to join us, give us a holler!