Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know I have the cutest baby in the whole world. I also know I'm biased.


So about a month or so ago, Matt went to go put new tires on the Passat, but it wouldn't start. Repairs were fairly expensive for the 12 year old car.... but $12000 later and it's like new!

...cause it is! We bought a Nissan Versa for Matt to use as his commuter car. It gets great gas mileage and is actually really spacious inside!

ps. it's not black, it's "espresso!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Desk

We bought a new desk--- one that looks a little nicer than the corner unit we had in the apartment, bought out of necessity for space saving. Though it took two and a half days to put it together!

see Weston on the floor?

he was pretty awesome, just watching us work

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Addition

This past weekend we decided to make a big change to our laundry room... not only did we, and by we, I mean Matt, install some handy-dandy wire racks for organizational purposes (not pictured), but we also got a heavy duty industrial kitchen holey (not holy) rubber mat to go under the litter boxes in an effort to trap litter and keep it from taking over the laundry room floor. However.... the biggest, and dare I say, greatest, change was drum roll.........


It has taken some coaxing, but the cats will walk through it. We have been keeping the flap taped up so they get used to going through the opening and, when we are around to supervise (coax some more), we will let it down and let them take trips back and forth. I am SO pleased with how this turned out-- Matt is so very handy, it's nice.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nursery Update

I realized today that I have not posted pictures of the nursery completed... mostly because I was waiting to hang/put away a few things and it has taken me this long to get around to it. Needless to say, here is a "tour" of Weston's room...

Standing at the door looking in

Standing in front of the window

Look behind the chair next to the closet door on the wall...

My good friend from high school, Arian, gave this to me before Weston was born.
It says,"Baby Jackets, Start 'Em Young, Raise 'Em Right!"

My Aunt Susan and Uncle Randy gave us this poster at a shower, but we've had issues getting a frame-- the first one was cracked and then we couldn't find the right one to replace it, but we finally did (obviously). The lamp on the dresser was given to me by a lady I work with-- it has a plane on the base in primary colors.

Aunt Susan also sent me the framed art under the plane. The plane, by the way, was a gift from mom and Jim

Speaking of gifts... another good friend I grew up playing softball with, Tiffany, sent me this train bank for Weston...

... and had his name and birth date engraved on the top. THANK YOU TIFFANY!

Tungsten decided to join the party when I was taking pictures

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 weeks...Yum

My students are working on an Impressionism Lesson, and for that, they had to bring in fruits and vegetables to sketch and eventually paint. Knowing that most of them would not bring anything in, I bought some bananas-- among other fruits and veggies. Well, 5 days later and there's really only one thing those bananas were good for any more.... so I brought them home and made some banana nut bread. Holy damn is it good?!!!

On another note...

Weston is getting big! He's 12lbs. now and we think he's about to go through another growth spurt. He has already out grown most of his 0-3mo. clothes with footies-- he's just too long!! When Matt took him in for his 2mo. shots, he weighed in the 50th percentile, but was in the 90th percentile for height.

We have continued our bed time routine of bath, tummy time, and bottle/book. The other night he rolled, unassisted from his back to his stomach... Matt and I beamed-- we were so proud. Though we have decided to read chapter books to him at night and forgo the childrens' books. We don't have an extensive childrens' library at home and right now, when he's not really engaged in the book, we don't want to get burned out on them. So, for now, while one of us feeds him, the other reads from a book we are interested in. This way, he's still getting the interaction with both parents and being exposed to a broad vocabulary at the same time. Right now we're reading, "Lost on Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine," by Peter Firstbrook.

Below are the most recent pictures of Weston... enjoy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday Matt and I started the P90X workout program. For those of you not familiar, P90X is an extreme home work out designed to get you "ripped" in 90 days! It's based on muscle confusion, so each day you do one hour of a different workout.

Last night we did shoulders and back, which consisted of alternating different types of pull ups with different types of push ups. Today I was sore as hell. Writing the day's agenda on the board was painful!

Tonight we did the killer of all work outs... plyometrics. This is a high impact routine that involves jumping, leaping, and squating-- and some times all at the same time! I can already feel it! Walking down the stairs was a challenge, as my legs have already turned to jelly.

The motto, it seems, is "Do your best, forget the rest!" Basically, try as much as you can-- even if it means modify some of the routines and forget about being perfect or staying up with the guys on the tape (and by tape, I really mean dvd-- who actually still has a vcr?). Matt and I have had to remind each other of this a few times during the work out. We can't do it all yet-- but we are trying so hard. It's very encouraging having Matt with me.

I have always been very active, but ever since college, it's been very hard to stay in shape. I am trying even harder now, though, to lose the Weston weight and get ready for--gasp-- bathing suit season. All I ask is that you pray for us-- and wish us a little bit of luck... we'll need it!