Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seuss Shower, Zeta Style

Three of my best friends in the world threw me a wonderful baby shower last weekend. When the shower invitations were sent out and read, "One fish, two fish, red fish, new fish..." I knew that was just a preview of things to come, but I had no idea what was really in store.

Amanda, Katie, and Mary went all out on this one... there were Dr. Seuss books, foam core decals, stuffed animals, Seuss diaper cakes (mini and ginormous), and Seuss themed food that would rival a Wolfgang puck spread!

Many of my friends, past and present, showed up to celebrate, and I am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this day with me, and a giant thank you to three of my greatest friends. The next day, when I was attempting to unroll a handful of the millions of diapers that made up the diaper cakes, I started balling. Matt came in and asked if I was okay... I just told him that I have wonderful friends. His response, "I know." My rebuttal, "no you don't... you weren't there... you don't know what they did!"

Zetas at the shower (left to right: Gretchen, Amanda, Mary, me, Katelyn, Megan, Katie)

Ladies I worked with at Griffin (left to right: Mia [who's also preggs.], Kim, me, Tatum, Leah, Melissa, and Lisa down front)

My wonderful sister-in-law

Amanda Walker and her youngest, Ian. Matt and Amanda's husband have been best friends since forever. I'm so happy she came up to Atlanta for the shower!

Playing a shower game... They had to find items in their purse that began with the letters in my last name... Griffin Team won with: Apple[iphone], UnitedHealthcare card, Receipt, ATM card, Note, Driver's license

Dessert Table: Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with cotton candy on top... AND lifesavers to resemble the cat and the hat, M&Ms, and Swedish Fish (Mia liked the Swedish Fish... she's Swedish!)

Top of the ginormous diaper cake... it was seriously large! Matt's only request for the shower... he wanted diapers. He got diapers!

Thank you so much ladies!

ps. the green deviled eggs were my favorite!

pss. just want to say "hi," to everyone who works with Matt!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Afghan Love

There are 8 grandchildren on my mom's side of the family, and my Nana has made each of us an afghan. I'm not sure when it started, but she made them for us in order of birth, my sister Tracy got the first one. We chose our own colors, and for the most part, our pattern-- so each of ours is unique to our own personality. When Tracy started the great grandchildren line, Nana made afghans for each of her kids in succession-- but theirs are a little smaller since they are baby afghans.

Speaking of baby... (you must be seeing where I'm going with this)... I was surprised and amazed (to the point of tears, I do believe) when I opened a gift at my first shower from my Nana. It was my son's afghan. Thank you Nana... it's such a wonderful tradition and I am so blessed and honored that he has his place in it!

ps... each of our afghans also has our name tag stitched on the inside of one of the corners... both Martha and I looked for it when I opened the afghan.... but Nana is too smart for that! She does know the name, but only because she has already made his Christmas stocking-- another family tradition... I'll save that one for another blog.

My Nana and me
Our son's afghan fits in perfectly with his nursery

My afgan

Alan and his Hokie afghan

Laura's afghan

Claire's afghan

Sarah's afghan

Luke, as a baby, on Tracy's afghan

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tech Weekend!

We had a full house last weekend. Two of my cousins, Alan and Laura, went to Va Tech. Since Ga Tech was hosting Va Tech this year, Matt and I invited both Alan and Laura and their parents down for the game. Laura also brought a friend, Elizabeth-- who fit into our family like she belonged! The weekend was INCREDIBLY fun! We both loved being able to use our house to the fullest and host our wonderful aunts and uncles who have hosted us for countless family gatherings in the past.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we all threw on some clothes and headed to WallyWorld to gather much needed items for our last minute tailgate... things like gloves! Funny thing is... it was the first cold weekend of the season down here and the gloves were not on the shelves yet. Needless to say, Laura and Elizabeth tracked down Pat, a Walmart employee, who opened a frech box of gloves for us! Once we got back to the house, we layered up, loaded the cars, and headed downtown for some tailgating.
While it was quite cold... the outcome was perfect. It was such a good game- it went back and forth-- a good battle, but... Ga Tech upset 4th ranked Va Tech! We headed for the car as fans charged the field and eventually took down the goal post... only to delivery it later to the President's front door. Go Jackets!

We did take a picture in front of Walmart...

The group tailgating!
Ray, me, Elizabeth, Alan, Matt, Vicky, Laura, Susan, Randy

Vicky, Laura, Ray, cold Alan, Elizabeth

Happy fans in front of a field being stormed!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deck Party... Days 4 and 5... DONE

Days 4 and 5 were a blur, to say the least, but it's done now... THE DECK IS DONE!

Ryan measuring boards for the stairs

Matt shaved his beard into a man 'stache just for the day...

Tracy's tightening the bench brackets

Jake, Laine, and Luke sitting on the benches so that Lee can screw them in place

Finishing the benches

The stairs are in place!

Matt and Tracy screwing in the rest of the kick boards

Matt showing a nervous Tracy how to use the compound miter saw

(and still has all her fingers... attached)

Sparky loved hanging out in the sun on his new deck

Lining up the hand rail with the supports

Stairs' hand rail

Matt's screwing in the railing for the stairs... notice the pink Crayon behind his ear (Tracy couldn't find a pencil)

Sara being pretty darn cute...

I just wanted to try a black and white.... she's too cute

Lee's screwing in the last little bit of railing


The Boys are tuckered out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

26... Really?

I woke up early this morning to go to work... like every other day, but today Matt groaned, "Happy Birthday," as I got out of bed and he rolled over and back to sleep. Of course he was just playing it cool. On the seat of my car was a birthday card filled with a lottery ticket and a scratch off... I won $15! He makes me smile in the best, and sometimes most simple, ways!

In other news, my sister confirmed my suspicions tonight... the third trimester is the most uncomfortable! While I love feeling the little man kick and squirm around, it's definitely getting to the point where it is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. Overall, I am feeling pretty good... just uncomfy!

I will have more pictures after this weekend of the ever-growing and expanding belly (and everything else). We are expecting family this weekend for the Ga Tech v. Va Tech football game Saturday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium... GO JACKETS! Then Sunday, my two sisters are throwing me (and little man) our first baby shower!

Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes... and stay tuned for baby belly pictures!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deck Party... Day 3

Day 3... Mike, Matt's brother, came over again to lend his hands-- big help! Now that the frame work was up, the boys really got into high gear doing the "finishing" work... of course everyone was moving a little slower on Day 3.

Luke's holding screws for Mike as he drills in the board, man he's Incredible!

Matt is teaching Jake how to use a circular saw... Tracy watches from a distance

Matt and Lee are holding up the board, waiting for Mike to screw it in place

Laying out the decking

Screwing decking in place

Even with a bum foot, Jake was a PRO with the drill!

Lee and Matt starting to install the brackets for the benches

By the end of Day 3, this was what has been finished...

Oh yeah, and this side of benches too

After the sun had gone down and the sprinkles started to become a little more frequent, the boys called it quits and the girls made dinner... steak, smashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, rolls, and brownie bites, YUM! Matt is pretty sure they are about 8 hours from being done... we shall see. One more Saturday...