Monday, October 5, 2009

The Deck.. Day 2

Matt and I woke up early Saturday morning and headed straight towards Krispy Kreme.... no major construction project, like a deck, can start without a healthy dose of KK doughnuts... YUM. Then it was off to Tracy and Lee's to continue work on the deck. Matt has loved working on the deck with Lee and the boys, and Tracy and I have loved "supervising."

The dumpster was ordered...
The wood was stacked...demolition had begun...
After Matt would cut the deck, Jake would knock down the boards
or pull them down if he needed
Ryan too
Even Luke helped in the demolition-- with his Krispy Kreme hat!
almost gone
Matt showed Ryan how to use the circular saw
Lee held the post for support
The first injury... Jake stepped on a nail. He handled it like a "man" and drank his chocolate milk comfort! Don't worry, Mom... he's fine!
Mary Clare filled her day with a worm search
no more deck!
Ryan holding one of the old deck supports... other than the rusted out holes, notice anything wrong with this old support? There's no concrete footing, not to mention the fact that it was not actually connected to the deck at all-- the deck was "resting" on all of the steel support poles.
Laine tightening the bolts connecting the post holder to the footing
support frame is starting to take shape
Matt snagged my camera and took a picture of the "supervising"
Lee and Matt brought in the giant support trusses
Tracy traced the old stair pattern on the new board so Matt could cut
Tracy loaded the decking on top as the kids brought it out to her
Lee screwed the trusses in place
and Saturday is done.

Stay tuned for what happened Sunday.


  1. Lookin good isn't it? Oh and for anyone who doesn't know us, the picture of Lee posing like a swimsuit model is a JOKE!

  2. Okay, this is the nursing student in me coming out- but Jake's had his tetanus vaccine, right? Poor guy! I hope his foot is feeling better :-) Can't wait to see you guys soon! Oh, and the deck looks great!!