Monday, September 28, 2009

Why we can't have house plants...

Mary and her husband, Matt, gave us a very nice house plant as a housewarming gift (thank you Mary and Matt). I thought I had the perfect place for it too... on the kitchen counter! Leela thought it was perfect also. So I moved the plant a little higher, out of her reach. No good. She found it again. I realized the only place where this plant might survive would be outside... away from Leela. Nope. She has since snuck out to the deck a few times and become more stealth in her actions. I'm sorry, Mary, I give up... but Leela thanks you for the treat!She chomps on the leaves while hiding under the window so I can't see her doing it from inside.


She doesn't seem to care that I can see her chew'n

She jumped up onto the table to get a better angle and a bigger bite!

Lickin' her lips.

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