Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting Projects... and then some

When we moved in, every wall in the house was stark white-- not even a builder's beige, so painting room by room has been a goal of ours. Matt couldn't wait any longer... so this weekend he painted the the foyer, which was a labor of love due to all the wall space, height, and cutting involved.We had to borrow an extension ladder from some friends to that Matt could cut the vaulted foyer... yep, we chose brown!
Matt cutting around the front door... labor of love, I tell 'ya!
Talk about an extension pole! Matt still had to stand on tippy toes to get to the bottom edge of the cutting he did.
Finished foyer, YAY!!! We absolutely LOVE IT!

While he painted the foyer, I painted two canvases I had bought on sale a few months back (when you see two 16x24 canvases for $9/pair, you have to buy them!). My plan was to hang them above the bed in the large guest room to add some color to the room before we could actually paint it. I have been itching to do something creative since school has started-- when I teach kids all day about art and creating art, but can't create any for myself, it becomes stressful, so yesterday I just had a NEED to paint. I definitely relieved the stress, and really love my paintings, but today, when I hung them, I'm not sure I love them where they are.This was the first one I painted-- I just used the left over paint we had from painting each room.
This is the second one.
Hung together, side by side...I just think they might be too small for the space. Maybe I need to find some frames for them to fill the space better. (They also might be a smidge off center, please don't tell me if you think they are, I already have enough self doubt and I'm stubborn enough not to move them anyway).

... And Then Some... Leela had been following both of us around for the last couple of days, but yesterday she was a little bit more obnoxious. Every time we walked near the stairs, she ran up them...stopped... and looked back, as if to say, "well, are you coming?" If she was upstairs, asleep on the kitty condo and we walked up there, she would immediately jump down and run to the nursery door, sit there, and wait for us. If we didn't walk over there, she would run back to us, rub against our legs and meow (and this cat doesn't meow a lot). She was hot and wanted a hair cut. When Matt was done painting the foyer, he took her into the baby's bathroom and cut her hair. I assisted with the treats... so that she would raise her head enough to let Matt cut around her neck. When we were done, she jumped down from the counter, and out the door. She has been prancing around like a princess ever since. She LOVES getting a hair cut.Before... she waited patiently for Matt to finish painting.
After... so pretty! She gets to keep her fluffy tail, lion's mane, and leg warmers.

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