Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changes, Additions, and Upgrades

So many things have been happening around here, I can't keep up-- blog-wise. So here are some snap shots of our life and all of the changes, additions, and upgrades.

For Matt's 31st birthday (holy cow, Batman, he's OLD) I baked him a strawberry shortcake cake. It was two layers of spongecake (no mix-- old fashioned way), strawberry jam on the bottom layer and homemade strawberry mousse in between the layers and all around. It was delummy (delicious + yummy).
We received a BB and B gift certificate for a housewarming party and used it with a 20% off coupon to buy this wonderful addition to our den! It's hanging just above our TV.
Matt decided to put together the first "assembly required" baby toy... a jumper. Though he decided to do it like all the dads before him... without instructions-- if you look closely, you can see them in the background in the corner, closed. That's where they landed when he tossed them over his shoulder and said, "who needs these, I can look at the picture on the box!"
Apparently, he did need them (they are still behind him, but open). He got to the end and had a lot of parts left over. He had to look them up in the directions to find out what they were for.
But he finished the jumper-- and we also hung curtains in the baby's room too!

We also hung curtains in the large guest room that's just off of our bedroom. This room has undergone some changes... when we bought a new memory foam mattress for ourselves, we moved our old king mattress into this guestroom, but a new headboard for it from a hotel furniture liquidator, and moved the queen bed that was in here to the smallest room...
.... which is now another guestroom. Just in time for our October guests! Even though the room is small-- with a bed and two side tables we bought from the same hotel furniture liquidator, it doesn't look as small any more. It's still small. It just doesn't feel as small as it did without furniture.
Here you can see the small guestroom through the bathroom into the baby's room (gotta love Jack and Jill baths). We have a changing table!!You could kid of see the bathroom in the last picture, but this is what Matt did this Labor Day weekend...
He painted the Jack and Jill bath lime green. Eventually I will put up a shower curtain and them it out in frogs I think. We'll see how far he lets me go!

We also spent a good part of this past weekend excited about college football! We were given Ga Tech home opener tickets by a friend and were thrilled when it stayed overcast for 90% of the game, with a few sprinkles. By the way... Tech won! It was a good day. It was a good weekend!

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