Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tech Weekend!

We had a full house last weekend. Two of my cousins, Alan and Laura, went to Va Tech. Since Ga Tech was hosting Va Tech this year, Matt and I invited both Alan and Laura and their parents down for the game. Laura also brought a friend, Elizabeth-- who fit into our family like she belonged! The weekend was INCREDIBLY fun! We both loved being able to use our house to the fullest and host our wonderful aunts and uncles who have hosted us for countless family gatherings in the past.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we all threw on some clothes and headed to WallyWorld to gather much needed items for our last minute tailgate... things like gloves! Funny thing is... it was the first cold weekend of the season down here and the gloves were not on the shelves yet. Needless to say, Laura and Elizabeth tracked down Pat, a Walmart employee, who opened a frech box of gloves for us! Once we got back to the house, we layered up, loaded the cars, and headed downtown for some tailgating.
While it was quite cold... the outcome was perfect. It was such a good game- it went back and forth-- a good battle, but... Ga Tech upset 4th ranked Va Tech! We headed for the car as fans charged the field and eventually took down the goal post... only to delivery it later to the President's front door. Go Jackets!

We did take a picture in front of Walmart...

The group tailgating!
Ray, me, Elizabeth, Alan, Matt, Vicky, Laura, Susan, Randy

Vicky, Laura, Ray, cold Alan, Elizabeth

Happy fans in front of a field being stormed!

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