Wednesday, October 14, 2009

26... Really?

I woke up early this morning to go to work... like every other day, but today Matt groaned, "Happy Birthday," as I got out of bed and he rolled over and back to sleep. Of course he was just playing it cool. On the seat of my car was a birthday card filled with a lottery ticket and a scratch off... I won $15! He makes me smile in the best, and sometimes most simple, ways!

In other news, my sister confirmed my suspicions tonight... the third trimester is the most uncomfortable! While I love feeling the little man kick and squirm around, it's definitely getting to the point where it is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. Overall, I am feeling pretty good... just uncomfy!

I will have more pictures after this weekend of the ever-growing and expanding belly (and everything else). We are expecting family this weekend for the Ga Tech v. Va Tech football game Saturday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium... GO JACKETS! Then Sunday, my two sisters are throwing me (and little man) our first baby shower!

Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes... and stay tuned for baby belly pictures!

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