Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deck Party... Day 3

Day 3... Mike, Matt's brother, came over again to lend his hands-- big help! Now that the frame work was up, the boys really got into high gear doing the "finishing" work... of course everyone was moving a little slower on Day 3.

Luke's holding screws for Mike as he drills in the board, man he's Incredible!

Matt is teaching Jake how to use a circular saw... Tracy watches from a distance

Matt and Lee are holding up the board, waiting for Mike to screw it in place

Laying out the decking

Screwing decking in place

Even with a bum foot, Jake was a PRO with the drill!

Lee and Matt starting to install the brackets for the benches

By the end of Day 3, this was what has been finished...

Oh yeah, and this side of benches too

After the sun had gone down and the sprinkles started to become a little more frequent, the boys called it quits and the girls made dinner... steak, smashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, rolls, and brownie bites, YUM! Matt is pretty sure they are about 8 hours from being done... we shall see. One more Saturday...

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