Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seuss Shower, Zeta Style

Three of my best friends in the world threw me a wonderful baby shower last weekend. When the shower invitations were sent out and read, "One fish, two fish, red fish, new fish..." I knew that was just a preview of things to come, but I had no idea what was really in store.

Amanda, Katie, and Mary went all out on this one... there were Dr. Seuss books, foam core decals, stuffed animals, Seuss diaper cakes (mini and ginormous), and Seuss themed food that would rival a Wolfgang puck spread!

Many of my friends, past and present, showed up to celebrate, and I am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this day with me, and a giant thank you to three of my greatest friends. The next day, when I was attempting to unroll a handful of the millions of diapers that made up the diaper cakes, I started balling. Matt came in and asked if I was okay... I just told him that I have wonderful friends. His response, "I know." My rebuttal, "no you don't... you weren't there... you don't know what they did!"

Zetas at the shower (left to right: Gretchen, Amanda, Mary, me, Katelyn, Megan, Katie)

Ladies I worked with at Griffin (left to right: Mia [who's also preggs.], Kim, me, Tatum, Leah, Melissa, and Lisa down front)

My wonderful sister-in-law

Amanda Walker and her youngest, Ian. Matt and Amanda's husband have been best friends since forever. I'm so happy she came up to Atlanta for the shower!

Playing a shower game... They had to find items in their purse that began with the letters in my last name... Griffin Team won with: Apple[iphone], UnitedHealthcare card, Receipt, ATM card, Note, Driver's license

Dessert Table: Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with cotton candy on top... AND lifesavers to resemble the cat and the hat, M&Ms, and Swedish Fish (Mia liked the Swedish Fish... she's Swedish!)

Top of the ginormous diaper cake... it was seriously large! Matt's only request for the shower... he wanted diapers. He got diapers!

Thank you so much ladies!

ps. the green deviled eggs were my favorite!

pss. just want to say "hi," to everyone who works with Matt!


  1. Glad you loved it! We had a lot of fun planning - Katie and Mary are so creative!

    PS ~ I made the devild eggs - yay!

  2. Ok... it's time to share the deviled egg recipe... they were great!