Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Contest

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Matt and I are fairly competitive with each other... our latest competition-- a pumpkin carving contest! We bought three pumpkins with the intent to carve one together and then go it alone for our own pumpkin... and we need you all to cast your vote for the winner.

We're not going to tell you who carved which one... you may think you know... but you may not. Your choices are Pumpkin #1 and Pumpkin #2. So check out the pictures below and leave a comment casting your vote for your favorite.

Thanks a lot!! Stay tuned for the winner!

I drew the image and Matt cut it up.... can you guess what it's going to be?

Matt posing with the finished pumpkin

GT pumpkin on the porch

Pumpkin #1 on the porch: it had a scar on the side, so the artist of this pumpkin used a staple gun to create "stitches" on the side

Pumpkin #2 on the porch: the artist of this one did not completely carve out the eyes

All three finished... ready for a candle

Pumpkin #1 lit up in the dark

Pumpkin #2 lit up in the dark


Our front porch before trick or treaters began to arrive



  1. Both pumpkins are great, but being as competitve with my husband I know the votes are important! So...I like pumpkin #2 - the mouth really looks great lit up!

  2. Hmmm...since a 3-way tie is unacceptable (I do think they are ALL fantastic - Go Jackets!)...
    I think my vote goes to Pumpkin #2 - there's something a little Jurassic Park / Dragon-like about the carving.

    - Nan / Mom

  3. Both Jim and I like Number 1! We liked the creativity of the staples on the scar. But both pumpkins look really great. Also thought the GT one was terrific.

  4. I like Pumpkin #2 based on which one I liked better when lit. All were quite creative... except that GT thingy, what was that all about? Good Times? Gravy Train? Gee, Thanks? Hhmmm, just couldn't figure that one out! :)

  5. Pumpkin #1 for me. I like the little guts hanging out. A nice touch!

  6. My vote is for No. 1--Looked best when lighted!
    love, Nana