Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Growing Family

I finally scanned in a bunch of the ultrasound pictures so that you can all see the journey of our growing family... enjoy.

Our beginnings... 8 weeks, just a little gummy bear

12 weeks... He's starting to look like a real boy! his head is on the right and his belly is in the middle, and his two hands are around his head.

We found out he was a boy at 19 weeks-- he was in the perfect position to see his jewels!

30 weeks...his head is on the right with his hands under his chin

Also 30 weeks... he's in profile, with his nose sticking straight up. He's yawning and has a hand up by his mouth.

36 weeks... he's in profile again-- big head. He weighs 4lbs 10oz (at least he did in this picture... hopefully in a week he's gained some more weight!)

He's been moving around so much lately... not really kicking any more, just pushing out. I can actually see, on a pretty frequent basis, him move. It's really freaky, but I love it!


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for scanning them in!

  2. Absolutely amazing!! Isn't modern technology wonderful. He is a handsome one!! Love, Nana

  3. Anne, this is awesome! I'm so happy for you guys!