Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday Matt and I started the P90X workout program. For those of you not familiar, P90X is an extreme home work out designed to get you "ripped" in 90 days! It's based on muscle confusion, so each day you do one hour of a different workout.

Last night we did shoulders and back, which consisted of alternating different types of pull ups with different types of push ups. Today I was sore as hell. Writing the day's agenda on the board was painful!

Tonight we did the killer of all work outs... plyometrics. This is a high impact routine that involves jumping, leaping, and squating-- and some times all at the same time! I can already feel it! Walking down the stairs was a challenge, as my legs have already turned to jelly.

The motto, it seems, is "Do your best, forget the rest!" Basically, try as much as you can-- even if it means modify some of the routines and forget about being perfect or staying up with the guys on the tape (and by tape, I really mean dvd-- who actually still has a vcr?). Matt and I have had to remind each other of this a few times during the work out. We can't do it all yet-- but we are trying so hard. It's very encouraging having Matt with me.

I have always been very active, but ever since college, it's been very hard to stay in shape. I am trying even harder now, though, to lose the Weston weight and get ready for--gasp-- bathing suit season. All I ask is that you pray for us-- and wish us a little bit of luck... we'll need it!


  1. I'm interested to see how it goes. I have heard great things about P90X. You just may inspire me :)

  2. We have heard great things too-- but it hurts like hell right now. The hard part is watching the dvd with people who have completed their 90 days... not beginners like us. Baby steps.

  3. Good for you guys, Anne! I am impressed and wish you great success. I know Alan has had much success with CrossFit which I've heard is similar in the muscle confusion theory.