Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Addition

This past weekend we decided to make a big change to our laundry room... not only did we, and by we, I mean Matt, install some handy-dandy wire racks for organizational purposes (not pictured), but we also got a heavy duty industrial kitchen holey (not holy) rubber mat to go under the litter boxes in an effort to trap litter and keep it from taking over the laundry room floor. However.... the biggest, and dare I say, greatest, change was drum roll.........


It has taken some coaxing, but the cats will walk through it. We have been keeping the flap taped up so they get used to going through the opening and, when we are around to supervise (coax some more), we will let it down and let them take trips back and forth. I am SO pleased with how this turned out-- Matt is so very handy, it's nice.

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