Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roaming the Dome

Last weekend Matt and I were joined my my sister, Tracy, and her Cullom crew-- they roll 8 deep-- at the Falcons' annual "Roam the Dome." It's a free event where you can watch the Falcons practice and get up close and personal. They came out and ran some drills, tossed some balls in the stands, and then had a scrimmage. We didn't stay for the whole scrimmage since Sara started to get fussy, but we are assuming that they let kids on the field after the scrimmage to "run drills" also. It was a fun outing, none the less!Ryan was enjoying the shade laying on the grass outside of the Dome as we waited to go in.
Jake, however, chose to lean against a tree as he waited.Before we found our seats, Matt, carrying Mary Clare, took a picture with Laine, Luke and the Chick-Fil-A cow. Jake and Ryan were too cool to be in this picture!
Matt entertained Sara for a good bit... he's going to be a great Dad!
Ryan and Luke were having a blast watching how the pros do it... they were glued to the action as if they were watching TV!Luke even had time to pose with his sister in between plays.Of course not everyone was having a great time. Jake REALLY didn't want to be there. He never said as much, but actions speak louder than words. This is pretty much how he looked all day....or like this... In fact, I took so many pictures of his "unhappy, I'm too cool for my family, pre-teen, get me out of here" looks that Tracy joked she could make a scrapbook of them! Poor Jake, he's just transitioning into those middle school years (yuck)!We did manage to get a group shot of the Cullom Clan: (back) Jake, Lee, Sara, Tracy, (front) Mary Clare, Laine, Ryan, and LukeThen Tracy returned the favor and snapped a shot of me and Matt...... and another one with the baby belly!

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