Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WonderMan and the Shelf

We have these great 12 foot ceilings in our garage, but we haven't been using them to their fullest potential-- we have been using our basement for storage (like most people do), but since we would like to eventually finish our basement, we have to find a new storage place. Over the past year, we have slowly been accumulating identical clear plastic bins from Target and putting our storage-ables (I know it's not a word, but you get the gist) in them so that we can see what's inside.

This past weekend Matt, aka WonderMan, devised a plan, proposed a budget, and created a storage shelf around our garage above the garage doors-- in two days (really just Sunday and Monday nights), without deviating from the plan, without going over budget, AND it only took one trip to Lowes (sorry Home Depot, you didn't have the wood we needed)! Below is documentation of just how awesome he is....

the before picture

the first frame

the first half section installed

measuring and installing the second section with the help of our awesome neighbor who came over to give Matt an extra hand or two

night one done!

Night two, Matt's brother Mike, came over after work to help install the support beams (he had a compound miter saw that made things MUCH easier

the top finished!

putting the first of many storage bins up

admiring his handy work

Voila! DONE!

There's just enough space for two storage bins to stack so that they are not rubbing against the ceiling... hmmmm almost like it was planned that way (it was). So now all of our Christmas decorations are stored propperly and some of the clutter in the garage is off the floor-- we are waiting for some warmer weather to really reorganize the garage, then, hopefully our garage organization will be complete!

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  1. I love the idea of using space above garage doors. Your husband IS tops!