Sunday, April 24, 2011

Garbage Trees and then Some

One of the covenants of our neighborhood HOA states that our garbage can should not be visible from the street. However, there is no place for us to keep our garbage can that is not in view of the street. If you remember, last year, Matt built a rather nice area for our garbage can just on the side of the house. This year, we started talking about how to conceal it from the street. It may take a few years to be in compliance, but we are trying....

We decided to create a flower bed around the garbage "pad" and plant some small trees so that as they grew, they would obstruct the view of the can from the street. We planned and priced everything before making the large purchase, and while I was away one Saturday afternoon at a friend's baby shower, Matt planted (and cleaned up) everything!

Before-- you can see in the grass where we painted the layout of the trees

All of the building/planting materials ready to go

The holes were dug as well as an outlying trench that bricks will be sunk into

two down, two to go

We even bought a rain barrel that attaches to the downspout to catch rain so that we can later use it to water the garbage trees in the hot Atlanta summer

Weston enjoyed playing in the dirt

... and enjoyed helping daddy pour sand over the brick edge

This is what I came home to!

Recently we have noticed Weston enjoying sitting in his pile of pillows on the floor. At one point we had to take his car seat out of the car to wash the padding and kept the shell of the seat in the den for him to play with. We watched as he would gather toys to take them back to his "seat" continually. Once we had to put the car seat back in the car, we thought it'd be nice if he had a chair of his own.
He will occasionally sit in it if his shows are on, but most of all, he enjoys climbing all over it!

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  1. That's the coolest little kid chair I've ever seen! Weston looks like such a "little man" in his chair! Love the garbage tree area! You have such a "good man"!