Sunday, May 29, 2011


Saturday marked the first graduation at North Paulding ever. It was bittersweet. While I have only taught these kids for two years, the relationships formed are still special. High school is so different from middle in the sense that I see these kids all year long instead of 9 weeks at a time. Even the kids I only taught for a year still come back to my class and hang out-- I have seen them grow over the past two years and I am excited for them to go to college, or at least their next stage in life.

As a teacher, we were also required to attend graduation-- in our gowns and hoods. My hood had a brown lining with royal blue and a red stripe to denote my degree and college.

The ceremony was a nice one and the weather seemed to cooperate-- it was quite pleasant.

before we walked out to the field: me, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Conely, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Long

Dr. Preston and Dr. Teirce leading the seniors down the hallway-- Dr. Preston broke out into a dance

Rachel and Annaleise

Me and Laurien

Katie and the Chorus waiting to sing the National Anthem

Walking in
Afterwards, me and Katie

Me and Kelly

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