Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artist Trading Cards

I went to an in-service in Feb. and we made Artist Trading Cards. I have since fallen in love with the things and can't stop making them. Basically, an Artist Trading Card is like a calling card, business card, or... trading card for artists. It's a way to get our work out there and meet fellow artists. So let's get started...

You'll need.... Scissors, glue stick, colored paper for background, tissue paper, lace, ribbon, doilies, clip art images-- you can search Google images and save them in Word or you can sign up for free clip art from Dover Designs, paint pens, Sharpies, watercolors, colored pencils.. you get the point. DON'T FORGET YOUR PLAYING CARD!!!

Next, choose your theme and colors. I chose Creepy Crawlers with brown, green*, and red* paper. The images are from Dover Designs and the paper is actually from a pack of decorative papers I bought at Dick Blick a while ago for cheap.

*Green and Red are complementary colors-- directly across from each other on the color wheel and when placed together, they make the other stand out... they complement each other.

Arrange your background papers. I tore the green to make it a little more interesting. Make sure you glue the card and place your paper on the glued card instead of trying to cut paper to fit-- you can always trim the edges once everything is glued down.

I placed a red strip towards the bottom to balance out the brown at the top, keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds

When you are cutting out your images, make sure you cut as much of the original background out as you can. Then feel free to embellish with other papers, pens, paint, etc. Just work with it until you think it's "done."

Now you have to flip it over and cover the back with a swatch that will be easy to write your info on... so people can look you up! I added a little dragonfly flair!

You can add whatever info you want, but your name is pretty much a must have. I like adding the year and an email .... or blog!! I can't wait to see all of yours-- check these others out

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  1. I am really digging your art projects just so you know.