Monday, March 23, 2009

Here We Go!!!

Okay... so let's get things started!

Matt and I are officially "bloggers." Of course when I say, "Matt and I," I really mean, "I am officially blogging and Matt will occasionally have some in-put."

I am hoping that this will be something that I keep up with because my sister, Tracy, is right... this is a great way to document and I will want to look back and see what was what in our lives.

But first things first. My friend, Amanda-- whom I still call Ram (her maiden name is Ramsden and that's how I met her... as Ram. Plus calling her Jome is lame.)-- just started blogging as well, so I guess we are sisters in arms in this whole blogging thing. She couldn't decide on a name for her blog so she had her family and friends vote. Since I am not incredibly creative on the spot, I am going to take her idea and have you all vote... so check out which name below you like the best for the title of our blog (Matt has a favorite already).

I hope you enjoy reading this incredibly random, but mostly about us and Art, blog. Become a sheep and follow along!

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