Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never

So our grand plans getting all of the plaster done last weekend fell through. Mostly because we didn't have enough newspaper. Let me explain.... Even though we have all the supports up for the river, track, tunnels, land, and roads, we still had to build up the topography by using "pillows" of newspapers. This means taking individual sheets of newspaper and turning it under on itself. Since we don't subscribe to the paper, we have had to rely on the occasional paper Matt bought at lunch. However, we were bound and determined to get it completely plastered (hahaha) before our party on Saturday.Before we could lay the plaster over everything, we had to tape the newspaper pillows in place. Then it gets a little heart stopping. We had to lay the plaster perfectly smooth over all of the track supports (so that the track would lay as smooth as possible-- otherwise the train may not run as well) and the areas that would be the road. But once that was done, we could start laying the plaster over the land forms. Talk about instant gratification! It doesn't look like newspaper "pillows" anymore! I know it's very white right now, but shortly it will start to take more shape. Tonight, God willing, we plan on getting all the track bed foam glued down.Voila! Completely plastered!

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