Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small Steps

When Matt came home last night, he was as much in the mood for working on the train some more as I was! However, we still had to eat dinner, so by the time we got to work on the train, it was kind of late. So last night we just took small steps.

First thing's first.... we had to reposition ALL of the track so that we could make sure everything lined up on the risers. Then we had to trace the outline of the track so we new where to lay the track foam (the black foam that helps the train run smoothly and quietly).We also had to assemble the temporary supports for the bridge that we will build next.Of course, after we had set it all up again, we had to take it down again to lay and glue the track foam.We didn't lay the track foam over the whole track, just over the parts that we already plastered-- the tunnel areas, since we won't be able to lay that track once the tunnels are built.
Here I am trimming the track foam so that it makes an even transition at the switch point. We pinned the track foam down before we glued it so we knew how much foam we needed.I painted the glue on the plaster and then Matt came right after and layed the track foam down. The pins held the track in place while the glue dried. Meanwhile, Leela and Tungsten couldn't stay away during all this excitement!

That's all we accomplished last night. We didn't want to rush the glue since the track foam is the foundation of the track! There's still more to come... just not tonight-- maybe Wednesday night.

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