Friday, January 1, 2010

Weston: a story and some numbers

Birth Story...
After passing my due date, Matt and I headed to the hospital Saturday night to start the induction process. That night, they gave me some oral drugs to try and kick start labor-- Sunday morning they were going to start the pitocin and really get the show on the road. Unfortunately, when my doctor cam in Sunday morning to check on my progress, I had not dilated any more-- I was still sitting at 1cm. The next step was to break my water, but that did nothing either, so the c-section was scheduled. Matt called Mom and Tracy and let them know to hurry on down to the hospital, and then I was wheeled to the OR. Everything happened extremely fast.... and Matt was able to sit in on the c-section (the doctor and nurses were VERY aware of his inclination to pass out and they were very understanding). I was so proud of him... he even video taped them pulling Weston out... then he had to leave! Weston was perfect... 7lbs 3 oz. and EXTREMELY alert!

Hospital Story...
Weston was born on Sunday at 10:25 and we were anticipating going home on Wednesday; however, we were told Wednesday morning by the pediatrician that Weston had lost more than 10% of his birth weight and they wanted him to stay another night and try to get his weight back up. Matt and I were extremely disappointed, especially since we had been asking continuously to see a lactation consultant and had yet to have a full consult-- the night before, a consultant came to see us for 10 minutes after she got off work and promised that we would have a complete consult the following morning since she was only able to touch on some key points. I guess it was for the best, since the 2nd consultant we talked to was MUCH better. After seeing the 2nd consultant, we started being more aggressive with feedings and even Weston jumped on board! He gained 3oz. in less than 24hours and we were cleared to go home on Thursday!

Weston had 16 visitors while in the hospital
Matt changed a BAJILLION diapers
We recieved 2 deliveries.... Thanks again Dad and Carrie and Susan and Randy!
0= the amount of times Weston cried on the ride home from the hospital
Weston peed through 3 diapers/nightgowns his first night home
Weston's averaging 4 sneezes each time he has to sneeze (a gift from mom)
Number of times Matt and I have said how stink'n cute he is.... COUNTLESS

Milk Drunk


Proud Pops

Aunt Diane visiting the little man

Amanda looks like a natural holding Weston

Mary visited also

One of Matt's best friends, Landon, came to see the new man-- her mom came too!

Getting ready to go home... all of his newborn clothes looked so tiny, but they swallow him hole!

Going Home!

The ride home

Chillax'n in the family cradle with his Great Nana's afghan

Snuggling on the couch

Asleep in the cradle with his afghan

Still sleeping


  1. He IS SOOOO stinkin' CUTE!!! You all look wonderful!! I love your updates and photos so please keep 'em coming! Enjoy every second!! Love, Susan

  2. HAPPY 2010 Aurand Family of Three! Super pictures of everyone! Love and Hugs EVERYDAY!
    - Mom/Nan/Mim

  3. He looks right at home! Love all the photos. Give him a kiss/hug for us! Mom/Nana

  4. He is so darn cute! Love the photos...keep 'em coming.