Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shower and MORE!

Last Saturday, Mary, Katie, and I hosted a baby shower for Amanda's baby girl-on-the-way, Emily. Mary, Katie, and Amanda hosted the Seuss Shower for me (and Weston) last October, so I was grateful to be able to return the great shower to at least one of my hostesses.

Refreshments included pink lemonade and bottled water with custom labels.

The buffet included cheese and crackers, veggies with dip...


with bees and butterflies on top

chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches and meatballs (not pictured)

as well as the most fun... a chocolate fountain with dipping paraphernalia

We also played games like, "Guess what's in the diaper?" Amanda was smelling the contents of one of the miniature diapers filled with a surprise condiment.

The gift table with the growth chart I made for Amanda.

Mary, Katie, and I made flower pens for favors.

Katie and Mary

Katie, Mary, and me.

This past Wednesday, North Paulding and the middle school down the hill, McClure Middle, hosted our first student art show. Below are just a few of the many pieces that were displayed. I am extremely proud of all the work my students have accomplished this year.

Trompe L'oeil ceramics

colored pencil

Surrealism painting

Magazine mosaic

Our principal, Mrs. Browning, giving out the awards.

WESTON! Like I said before, it doesn't seem like I can post an update without some updated Weston pictures.
He has been growing and changing SO much lately...

We got him some baby sunscreen, a sun hat, and his first pair of sunglasses yesterday. Today, he played outside while Matt and I worked on the yard!

he's so frigg'n cute!

He has also started solid foods. Every night now, we give him one serving of either fruit or vegetables. He did not really like the rice cereal, could take or leave applesauce, does not like bananas, but he does love pear, green beans, peas, and carrots!

Matt's Dad, Grandpa Shooter, with Weston

He has also been teething... no teeth yet, but a lot of drool...

... and hands in the mouth
my baby and me! (and the new wine rack on the wall in the back)

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  1. It looks like you've been a busy lady! Weston is getting so big and so freaking cute! Of course, I wouldn't expect any less from you and Matt! Miss you guys!