Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Review

Thanksgiving break has meant a week off of work for me, which has been GREAT-- I love spending time with my boy! Last weekend, though, one of our good friends was on her way into town for the week with her folks. She brought with her Will, her son of just over a year. Weston and Will enjoyed playing with each other!

Thanksgiving Day, Matt and I headed up to Big Canoe with Weston and Matt's Mom, Nan, to spend the day with my family and some other family friends, the Johnsons. While we had our mishaps, the day was fun and the dinner was yum!

Will and Weston

Mishap: The thermometer on mom and Jim's Big Green Egg wasn't working and the back up thermometer wasn't synced properly, so.... we had a crispy turkey this year--- if you look very closely, you will see a smile on mom's face. She took it in stride.

Luckily, though, all the yummy juices were seared into the bird and the meat inside was very good!

Tracy and Lee brought pvc pipes and joints to make marshmellow shooter guns!

Jim held Weston during the assembly process

Two peas in a pod

Shooting the marsh mellows

Unfortunately, Jake came down with a cold, or flu, and spent the majority of the day quarantined, but he was able to make his own "gun" on the porch....

Our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner-- aside from some other tasty treats, we brought mini turkey cakes!

We had chocolate with raspberry filling, yellow cake with strawberry filling, and marble cake with butter cream frosting throughout

Tracy and Lee brought their dog, Sparky, who enjoyed his time in the woods as much as he enjoyed resting on the chair next to the kitchen!

Matt helped Weston take an afternoon nap.... or was it the other way around?

Matt, Weston, and I headed back up to Big Canoe the next day to spend it with my folks and the Culloms-- Weston promptly peed on my as soon as we got there, so this was outfit #2 while mom washed his other one.

He loved playing with these dartless lawn darts!

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