Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day... con't

The dishwasher is humming, the pans are drying, the remaining dishes are soaking, and toys are strewn across my living room floor. Yup, Christmas hit our house HARD! It was a perfect Christmas from start to finish. Mom and Jim came over in time to see Weston's first Christmas, we had dough boys for breakfast, Mike and Diane came over a little earlier than expected to try and beat leaving so late into the weather (more on that later), Weston finally took a nap, I didn't screw up the turkey-- in fact it was delicious-- and we had a white Christmas... picturesque in fact.

In the background you can see the tent set up that Mom and Jim got for dubs. He's playing with a t-rex flashlight that roars and lights up when you squeeze his tail.

Matt's showing Weston the flashlight

taking off the bows to Uncle Mike's present

playing with a stackable snowman

My turkey in all it's glory!

The dinner table before we began... stuffing, mashed potatoes, home made rolls, buttered green beans, and turkey

Matt carved it so perfectly!

Our white Christmas

We hope you all had a wonderful, family-filled, safe Christmas!

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