Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weston's 1st Birthday!

Weston is 1!!! Since his birthday is just 2 days after Christmas, we had his party on New Year's Day. Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of family and friends were unable to make the trip to celebrate with us. So I promised you all that I would take a ton of pictures so you could be apart of the day through the pictures!

Our decorations included a lot of balloons.... I mean A LOT!

The balloons spilled into the orange room-- we were also able to hang all of our picture frames before the party too.

Matt relaxed before the party began.... tons of balloons

We staged the gift table in the dinning room... with more balloons

Weston gave his Aunt Diane a HUGE face squeeze

Even though we had a lot of new toys and even more kids at the party, Weston was the happiest when he was able to explore through the house-- sans baby gates and munch on fallen ice

This was the sheet cake we ordered from Publix for everyone to enjoy-- Matt said his favorite part of the party was cutting GIANT slices for all the kids.

Publix gives free "smash cakes" for 1st birthdays with the purchase of a sheet cake.

Matt's Aunt Amy and Mimi bought Weston a collection of candle holders in the shape of circus animals. This year, we chose the Lion would hold the 1st candle.

Here we go....

he likes icing!

Uncle Mike video taped for us!

and now the war paint has been applied... I'm having a Braveheart flashback

yep... he loves icing

Sisters at the party

We bought rub on tattoos for the kids at the party... Ryan enjoyed showing Tracy his "Mom" tattoo

two of the party goers-- the youngest sons of Matt's two best friends, Ian, who's Adam's son, and Jamon, who's Darren's youngest

The Wolkow Family: Riva, Darren, Tobin, and Jamon

Matt's two best friends from High School and their families-- the Aurands, Wolkows, and the Walkers

Matt, Darren, and Adam

Playing with the drum and other musical instraments Mom and Jim bought him for his birthday!

Playing with the caterpillar tunnel Darren and Riva got him

excited about the tunnel

We bought him a keyboard and a snare drum for his birthday-- he loves making music... making his daddy proud!

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  1. Looks like it was really fun!!! Wish I could have been there!