Friday, January 28, 2011

Nanny Cat

When we were pregnant with Weston, both Matt and I wondered what Tungsten would do with a baby in the house. Ever since we brought Weston home, we had no doubt that Tungsten would be just fine!

When Weston was really little and still using the cradle during the day, Tungsten would cry and rub his head against the cradle when Weston wasn't home as if to say, "Where's the baby?" When Weston wakes up from a nap, Tungsten is ready to go fetch him, and constantly meows until someone goes to get the baby. When we give Weston a bath, Tungsten is never far behind, opting to lounge on the bathroom counter and over see the bath routine. Every night we put Weston to bed, Tungsten is in the room saying good night with us. During the day, if Weston is awake, chances are Tungsten is in the room somewhere..... a lot of times he channels E.T. and chooses to curl up with the stuffed animals, lest he be seen by Weston and become a target.

He will tolerate Weston touching, grabbing, poking, and "petting" him, but he prefers to just keep a vigilant eye on the kid from a safe arm's length away. Unless, of course, it's meal time (Weston has been known to feed the cat).

Below are just a "few" examples of our watchful Nanny Cat. See if you can spot him

Making sure he gets up the stairs safely

Leading him to his room for bedtime

"Cleaning" up after Weston

They are both watching the door as Matt comes home... notice the bite size piece of food next to Tungsten courtesy of Weston!

It's a staring contest

Do any of you have a Nanny Cat... or dog?

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  1. Those were awesome! Funny cat! Don't we love our kitties!?!