Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For my Sister, from my Students

Today, while my students were working, I asked them a hypothetical question for them to mull over... then I came back and collected their answers. Here's the question....

<> If you were in bed for weeks-- and you have access to your computer and a TV-- what would you do?

1. Watch Twilight and Titanic
2. Read all of the Harry Potters... and Hunger Games
3. Paint a new picture every day
4. Play Words With Friends on your phone (just like scrabble)... Susan, Sarah, Martha, Sheila, Vicky, and I are all currently playing, so let us know when you sign up and we can play together. Just to warn you... Martha's kind of a beast.
5. Make friendship bracelets
6. Have the ultimate LOST marathon-- you're life will never be the same
7. Create and play your very own Sims game
8. Learn Arabic... or French
9. sleep
10. Play Tycoon games-- especially roller coaster tycoon, that way you can forget you are in bed
11. Netflix
12. Facebook
13. Get caught up on phone calls you have been putting off, though 5:00-6:00 is already taken
14. Do some random research, hot topics include, but are not limited to: underwater basket weaving, and camel spiders
15. angry birds
16. Update your iPod-- try listening to music from the year you were born
17. play Mad Glibs -- the Mad Libs equivalent
18. Diagnose Charlie Sheen
19. Set up a Panera card
20. Plan your wedding if you could do it all over again-- and had no budget
21. Complete a Rubik's Cube
22. Plan a party and include a compatible playlist
23. Learn all of the President's names in order
24. Teach yourself to French braid your own hair-- You Tube has TONS of tutorials
25. Play the state "game." Write down all of the states from memory until you don't miss any. Then learn all the capitals.
26. Watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
27. Learn Sign Language
28. Design shoes on
32. Make matching family t-shirts
33. Read the entire Bible
34. Write to Ellen Degeneres and try and get on her show
35. Take a picture every day you are in the hospital so that you can create a scrapbook (can be digital) for Joey, so she knows exactly what you are going through for her... plus the book that you're going to write needs some pictures.
36. paint your nails-- try colors you would normally never go for
37. Try your hand at Origami. I learned how to make a fish last week.... needless to say, I have a bajillion fish in my room now hanging from the ceiling. SO get good at one thing and see if the nurses will hang them from the ceiling.
38. Prank Calls are always fun...
39. Create a new "Where I'm From" Poem-- then post it on your blog.
40. Fish tail braids are VERY in right now-- teach yourself on You Tube
41. Spider Solitaire
42. Download every free App. on your iPhone
43. Legos! They're endless fun
44. Call every radio show and try to enter EVERY contest they run

okay, so today's list is a TAD more than 7. Now get on it!

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  1. What great, creative ideas! I love the big thinkers who believe I can learn Arabic in a month, I wish! lol!

    Srsly, somet so bad great ideas-oh and I am def. in on the words with friends! I am tecullom.