Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playdate or Love?

Weston had his first real playdate today with Ella Peters-- her mom, Mia and I worked at Griffin together and she had Ella in February, so the kids are only 2 months different in age. Ella is such a sweet baby-- so petite compared to my brute of a boy!

It started out slow, as soon as they arrived, both kids had to eat, and as soon as Weston had his bottle, he pretty much fell asleep. Though when he woke up, Ella fell asleep! However, we did get some great shots of the two of them "playing" together. Both were very sweet to each other for the most part. Weston did try to steal Ella's binky, but only after she tried to poke his eye out. Either way-- no tears were drawn.

reaching for the binky

Weston got a little too excited!

Best friends now

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  1. What great pictures!! Reminds me of when all you cousins were babies and we'd get you together and snap away!! So cute and they both have gorgeous blue eyes!! Sweeeeeeet!!