Friday, June 18, 2010


Yesterday, Weston and I headed up to Big Canoe, the mountain community where my folks just bought a new house. There, they have an in ground pool that is right next to the lake with a beach. Since Tracy and her brood were going up to stay over night and hang out at the pool, I thought it'd be the perfect time to take Weston to the pool for the first time. He loves bath time, so I was sure he'd love the pool.

He was actually unsure of it at first, but he never cried while in the pool and I think I even saw a smile or two. After the pool, Tracy and I went out to the beach. While I woudn't let Weston touch the sand with his hands-- he will put anything and everything in his mouth right now... teething... but he did love to squish the sand between his toes! Unfortunately, he got hungry and I left his "food" at mom and Jim's house, so mom and I head back to the house for his bottle and a nap.

I must have worn him out because he took a good long, almost 2 hour afternoon nap! I'm sure we'll be making more trips to the pool this year!

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