Monday, July 5, 2010

4th at the Fork

Yesterday, Matt, Weston, and I joined the rest of my family and friends at the property that my Aunt Susan and Uncle Randy and Uncle Ray and Aunt Vicky co-own in Franklin, TN. We arrived just before 4PM and spent the afternoon chipping into a pop up target, swinging on the tree, eating homemade BBQ and other goodies, playing kickball, corn hole, Uno, searching for bugs (the little kids), reading the Declaration of Independence, singing songs around the fire, playing with glow sticks, and most importantly.... setting off a series of fireworks that put the neighbors to shame. Basically, we all had a great time!!!

Thank you so much, Campbells and Whiteheads for hosting such a great celebration!

This was Saturday, when we went to see my Nana and Granddad before going over to my Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner. This was the first time Nana met Weston. He was so good in her lap!

My cousin, Martha, and her boys were there also to meet Weston for the first time (he met a lot of family for the first time this trip). Preston [left] and Ethan [right] got a kick out of the little baby!

feeding Weston at Aunt Susan's... he saw my beer-- of course, I did put it on his tray table!

he didn't actually drink my beer, but we thought this was a funny picture!

Group chipping into the target in the distance

Martha and Weston

Tracy's boys, Jake, Luke, and Ryan, swinging on the tree swing

Luke hoola hooping

Tracy's youngest, Sarah, loving the pinwheel

just so deliciously precious! I love my boys

a fun time is not being had unless there's an injury! Thomas's ankle after he rolled it playing kickball. Do you think it's broken? He spent the remaining evening sitting... and drinking. I'm sure he felt much better by the end of the night!

Laine and Preston

Martha playing paddle ball with Preston

Jake helping set up the fireworks

Ryan reading his part of the Declaration... AND pronouncing "usurpation" correctly!

singing Rocky Top... what else?

Tracy and Sara

Mom taking a puff off of Jim's cigar as he was packing up the canopy

Ray, Susan, Mom and Steve singing the Kingston Trio's Tijuana Jail in honor of their parents, my Nana and Granddad, who couldn't celebrate out at the Fork with us.


Weston slept through the first part of the fireworks, and then he woke up... not scared, just awake. So he watched the 2nd half of the show in my lap. He didn't cry.. seemed to enjoy them!

It was a great show!


  1. Great post!! So glad you came and that you had a good time!! You have a very special baby!!

  2. Enjoyed your post and photos. It was so good to see you and Matt and, of course, to meet Weston! He's such a cutie.