Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running the Train

Matt and I have been working feverishly on trying to get the train in the basement running before the 4th of July-- I don't really know why we said the 4th, I guess it was just a due date-- something to aim for. Well, we did it, and by, "we," I really mean Matt. He's the one who figured it all out. Though once he knew everything would work, we realized that the train still sputtered a little bit. SO off to HobbyTown USA we went in search of some rail cleaner and another engine. We didn't know if the rails just needed to be cleaned or if my Granddad's old, and only working engine, was the problem. Once the rail was cleaned and the new engine in place, this is what we have....

The scenery is still not complete, but we have the ground cover painted and the rocks installed and painted. Soonish we should have more of the scenery completed.

On another note....
We are here in Nashville, TN right now to celebrate the 4th of July with my family. Two of my aunts and uncles share some property out here and we plan on spending the afternoon and evening out there playing games-- such as traditional family kickball, shooting off some awesome fireworks, and doin' some eat'n!

Since all that will happen this afternoon, we are going to be meeting one of my old friends who now lives and works here for lunch with her husband. Then we plan on visiting my Nana, Weston's Great Nana, before heading out to the Fork.

We hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day-- I'll have pictures soon of our celebration(s)!

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