Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grammar Rules

I grew up in a family that would stop at nothing to correct poor grammar.

She and I are going to the store. You're my favorite. I ate a lot of candy last night.

One of my biggest pet peeves (because I was always corrected for this) is the difference between nauseated and nauseous. Most people-- I'm sure, you do it too-- say, "I'm nauseous." Then you promptly head to the toilet and relieve yourself. HOWEVER-- what you should have said was, "I'm nauseated."

feeling nausea, feeling about to vomit

causing nausea, sickening, or nauseating

Yes, I know this is a gross topic to discuss, but it's something everyone should know. 'Cause talking good is real nice!


  1. Hmmm...I wonder what brought this on? Could it have been an incident at the W hotel?

  2. I cannot stand people who use the words 'monies' and 'persons'!!! Lots of money= MONEY. More than one person= PEOPLE!!!

  3. That don't make no sense, Anne! I just feel like upchuckin'!