Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Student Art Work

This year has come and (almost) gone extremely fast. HOWEVER... my students were able to make a bunch of wonderful artwork-- which made the art show great! I do wish more people showed up-- parents and teachers, alike, but in every one's defense, there was a bunch on really bad weather last Thursday night. Hope you enjoy the student work below.Students used line to create value for their self portrait 7th Grade

Torn Paper Self Portraits 8th Grade

Andy Warhol Color Theory 6th Grade

Water Color 7th Grade

Tessellations 6th Grade

Linoleum Block Printing-- emphasizing "Line" 8th Grade

Panty Hose Sculpture 8th Grade

Plaster Masks 8th Grade

Crop Circle Paintings 8th Grade

Students used grids to draw portraits of their "Hero" (favorite teacher) 7th Grade

Students drew portraits of their friends and then used color to help express emotion. The used a Batik resist method, cut their project into many pieces, reassembled to create a relief-batik-portrait! 8th Grade


  1. Wow, I am amazed. You are a fantastic teacher.

  2. Your students are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher!