Saturday, April 18, 2009

She Was Ask'n For It

Leela loves being shaved! When her fur gets a little too long for her, she will let you know when it's time for a haircut. Since we shave her ourselves in the guest bathroom, every time we walk by, she will dart in front of us, jump up on the counter, stick her head out of the door and literally cries. She repeats this, daily, until we actually shave her.

Sometimes if we've taken too long in between haircuts, it's harder to shave her since she is constantly rubbing her head against our hands in appreciation-- one time Matt accidentally clipped one of her whiskers because she turned into the clippers to rub on his had unexpectedly.

We started shaving her about 3 years ago because she is fairly hefty and can't clean her back end very well. She also gets kitty dandruff on her back where her tail meets her body-- this is because she can't quite reach. The shaving has helped keep the dandruff to practically nothing and there are no more dingle berries!!

Today, Matt gave her the cut-- he's much better at it than I am, so I usually just help by giving her treats to lift her head or petting her so she stays in one position, making it easier to clip her neater. Today was one of her better cuts, she looks so pretty! She has what's called a lion cut, where she has her head of fur, full tail, and leg warmers.

I think she knows how good she looks. Usually after she gets a haircut, she's more social and seems to "prance" around the apartment-- showing off her new ' she doesn't always take good pictures-- she looks like a mean cat, but really, she has HUGE eyes, which are very sensitive to the flash-- so she squints, making her look mean... but she's not.

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