Friday, April 3, 2009

Tag, You're It

Christy tagged me!! Here's the deal... I have to find a picture of a room that displays my personal style. So here it is...
Now, before you get the wrong impression, let me explain why I chose a laundry room. I hate doing laundry (really I hate putting it away... I don't mind actually doing it). What I do love and crave, however, is organization. Everything has a place. Since Matt and I live in a small apartment, it is IMPERATIVE that organization reigns (my mom has even commented on my organizational skills before-- high praise).

As for my personal decorating style-- I enjoy things that are comfortable (not too stuffy), traditional (not too modern), colorful (hello, I'm an art teacher), and functional (but I do love decorative accents and I am trying to teach Matt that they are okay to have). While this isn't my ideal laundry room-- mine would have tile floor, plenty of counter space, and red washer and dryer. What I love most about this room is the shelving system and the containers on those shelves. Canvas storage bins= comfort, shelving system= function, wall color=well, color, and the actual laundry room= traditional.

My favorite room in my apartment is my kitchen-- talk about organization-- it's tinsy tiny and because everything has a place, I can still actually use the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I dream of a bigger kitchen (on a weekly basis), but I'm okay for now. I don't have a picture right now since it's in ruins after making Nana's sticky buns for a work pot-luck breakfast this morning (pictures of those coming soon).

<> My Tags: Aunt Susan, Tracy Good luck-- have fun!!

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  1. Like I said when I saw your kitchen... everything having a place is very Anne. :) And something that I've tried to learn from you over the years!