Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It all started when I was helping a friend of mine at work bubble Scan-trons for benchmark testing. Alyson was teaching her kids while I was at her desk bubbling and she was using pictures to show her students how to solve word problems. When she drew a "chicken" on the board, the kids started laughing and looking back at me (seeing if I was watching how bad she was drawing said chicken). I saw it. That's when I decided I would make her a fowl to use in her word problems-- thus keeping the distracting images away from students and their attention on learning!!Enter, Conroy!
Anyway, I quite enjoyed making Conroy... so I made him some more friends-- all for Alyson to use in word problems. So here's how it's done.
What You Need:
Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Inspiration (I used this picture of a Giraffe)
*not pictured- X-Acto knife... optional, but useful
Start off by sketching your animal on the primary color construction paper
Cut out the Giraffe with scissors, staying close to the lines... careful, careful
Trace the feet onto gray construction paper for the toes. Make sure you trace on the side you sketched the giraffe-- you will flip everything over so that there are no pencil marks showing.
Cut the feet out-- just outside the lines, so that you don't see any yellow peeping out from underneath. Flip the giraffe over and glue the feet in place. Remember everything is reversed.
I added some black construction paper to bring out some details.
Trace the giraffe on brown paper and draw the spots where you want them. Then use X-Acto or scissors to cut them out and glue them onto the other side of the giraffe.
Cut out some darker brown shapes to accent the lighter ones. Also, add the eye.
I used the Sharpie to fill in the eye, divide the toes, and draw a smile.

His name is George.


  1. I can't help it. A chicken is a fowl, not foul, unless it is.

  2. Spelling not withstanding your animals are incredibly outstanding.

  3. ...and thank you for adding my blog to your blog list! :)

  4. FIXED! You know that word challengedness runs in the family, don't you?

  5. I love your blog - I found you through Faith & Fam's small successes - thanks for your comments. But, really, I love your blog and I am bookmarking it so I can come back and try everything. Do I need an art degree to make that rockin' giraffe? And those cupcakes...

  6. By the way, my students don't notice the new standard on the board or any of the new lamps (let alone my new haircut), but if you bring me a new animal, all I hear is "Ms. Perry, what is the giraffe's name? Ohh...look, you have an iguana!"